Laser Fabrication

Laser Fabrication

PJ Tube’s fiber-optic laser cutting capabilities provide customers with a reliable option when they require precise, consistent metals manufacturing that accurately meets demanding specifications on time and on budget.

Laser Cutting Service

PJ Tube saves customers valuable floor space, processing time and material yield loss (waste/scrap) by providing a one-stop source for cutting solutions. We deploy the most advanced fiber-optic laser cutting technology, strategically located to service industrial, automotive, power sports, and other customers with demanding schedules.

Laser cutting produces precise edges with a high-quality surface finishes in a contamination-free workspace. Our “cutting-edge” equipment produces a minimal heat-affected zone, which reduces deflection of material being processed.

Our efficient fiber-optic laser fabrication service is capable of cutting complex shapes and drilling holes in a single process. This technology offers faster more precise fabricating than traditional CO2 laser technology. In addition, our fiber-optic laser equipment allows for precision fabricating of non-ferrous materials, such as copper and aluminum, service that CO2 lasers can’t match. Fiber-optic laser precision fabricating also reduces expensive tooling costs and offers quick-turnaround on customer prototypes, which can be produced from your cad-generated and other engineering design files.

PJ Tube’s laser cuts ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, copper, nickel alloys, stainless steels, titanium as well as specialty alloys. In-house equipment and capabilities to fabricate these materials to industry standards or to your unique specifications includes: