Seamless Stainless Steel Coils

Seamless Stainless Steel Coils


PJ Tube’s seamless stainless steel coils are available off-the-shelf for quick shipping.

Seamless Stainless Coil Stock List

PJ Part NumberSizeODWallAvg. Length(feet) +/-
J07011005020.125" OD X .035" W 0.1250.0356,367
J07011004340.250" OD X .035" W 0.2500.0352,665
J07011003500.250" OD X .035" W (15 Ra Max)0.2500.0352,665
J07011004350.250" OD X .049" W0.2500.0492,036
J07011005030.250" OD X .065" W0.2500.0651,668
J07011004360.375" OD X .035" W0.3750.0351,685
J07011003520.375" OD X .035" W (15 Ra Max)0.3750.0351,685
J07011004370.375" OD X .049" W0.3750.0491,225
J07011004400.375" OD X .065" W0.3750.065995
J07011004380.500" OD X .035" W0.5000.0351,232
J07011003980.500" OD X .049" W0.5000.049909
J07011003510.500" OD X .049" W (15 Ra Max)0.5000.049909
J07011004390.500" OD X .065" W0.5000.065708
J07011005040.750" OD X .049" W0.7500.049584
J07011005050.750" OD X .065" W0.7500.065450
J070110050606 MM OD X 1 MM W6mm1mm2,610
J070110050708 MM OD X 1 MM W8mm1mm1,863
J0701100508010 MM OD X 1 MM W10mm1mm1,449
J0701100509012 MM OD X 1 MM W12mm1mm1,188
*** Custom Sizes Available Upon Request

Stainless Steel Tube Products Available for Rapid Delivery

PJ Tube puts more than 50 years of experience and expertise behind every seamless tubing product that we supply. We offer the longest seamless stainless coils in the industry and have a wide range of sizes in stock available for immediate delivery.
In applications where corrosion resistance and higher pressure require seamless stainless tubing, we are your go-to source. In addition to 2.5% Minimum Moly, 316/316L stock coils, we can provide material in 304/304L, 317/317L, 625, 825, and Duplex 2205. Other high performance and corrosion resistant alloys are available upon request.
The PJ Tube difference includes:

  • Special tube finishes and sizes

  • Superior ID finish (15 RA)

  • Reduced installation cost

  • Longest seamless stainless coils in the industry

  • Wide variety of sizes in-stock for immediate delivery

PJ Tube offers these benefits in quality products designed for customers with either forecast or immediate needs. For seamless stainless steel tubing from a source well known for its quick-response service, turn to PJ Tube, a trustworthy supplier to industry since 1963.