Industries and Applications for PJ Tube Products and Services

PJ Tube, a trusted source for metal tubular products since 1963, serves an ever-expanding customer base that includes the Agriculture, Automotive, Energy, Fluid Power, HVAC, Food & Beverage, Sensors & Controls,
Medical-Surgical & Durables, as well as many other markets.

The markets that we serve are as diversified as PJ Tube itself. Our value proposition is a blend of innovation, wide range of products, flexible/agile manufacturing, and unparalleled level of industry knowledge.
We add value to a wide range of consumer and industrial products, and our repeat clients are a testament to our ability to be the best in each market we serve.

Our products and services provide dependable solutions to customers participating in, but not limited to the following markets:


From soil cultivation to planting to harvesting, PJ Tube delivers solutions for metal tubing products that our customers depend on.

Agriculture Applications

Equipment, Farm Implement, Lawn & Garden, Augers, Grain Spouts, Misters, Feeders, Irrigation Systems, Booms, Radiant Livestock Heaters, Liquid and Granular Fertilizer Application, Livestock Equipment, Fluid Power Lines, PTO Shafts, ROPS, Conveyor Systems and many more


PJ Tube has consistently provided parts and components of the highest quality, durability and functionality that meet or exceed the automotive industry demands. Millions of vehicles on the road today operate with high quality components supplied by PJ Tube. When you need quality metal tubing products, steer your business to PJ Tube, a business partner that you can depend on!

Automotive Applications

Camshafts, Rocker Arm and Shafts, Gear Shafts, Injection Lines, Pump Bodies, Drive Shafts, Cardan Shafts, Profiles, Shock Absorber Cylinders, Prop Shafts, Shock Absorber Containers, Axles, Piston Rods, Differential Shafts, Power Steering Cylinders, Mechanical Steering Systems. Steering Shafts, Airbags Housing , Impact Dampers, Cross Members, Hydroformed Parts, Gas Springs, Muffler Hangers and many more

Medical-Surgical & Durables

As a known and trusted supplier to some of the largest names in the medical industry, PJ Tube is considered the tubing expert in these markets.

Medical-Surgical & Durables Applications

Hand Instruments, Cardiovascular Devices, Neurology, Biopsy, Endoscopy, Biochemical, Catheters, Medical Cosmetic, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Needles, Probes, Stretchers, Patient Transfer, Medical Beds, Ophthalmology, Drug Delivery, General Surgery and more.

Food & Beverage

PJ Tube provides a wide range of solutions, including unique tin-lined copper, aluminum and stainless steel tube products to manufacturers and distributors in the food & beverage markets.

Food & Beverage Applications

Beverage Tubing, Injection Tubing, Desalination, Water Purification, Brewing Systems, Biopharmaceutical, Fluid Transfer, Houseware Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Sanitary Applications and many more.

Sensors & Controls

For many years, manufacturers and distributors of sensor and control equipment have turned to PJ Tube for products that they can count on for mission critical applications.

Sensors & Control Applications

Flow Meters, Probes, Flow Sensors, Transmitters, Sensing Equipment, Flow Switches and Gauges, Capillary Tube, One-piece Bulb and Cap.


PJ Tube is a longtime, reliable supplier of tube products to a wide range of customers in the commercial and residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industries.

HVAC Applications

Appliances, Heater Elements, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Gauge Tubing, Humidification Tubing. Fittings, Capillary Tube, One-piece Bulb & Cap and many more.

Energy – Power Generation

PJ Tube is a leading supplier of solutions to the energy industry. Where tubing applications require corrosion resistance and the ability to operate at high pressures, we are the premier source.

Energy – Power Generation Applications

Analyzer Lines, Fuel Management, Heat Transfer, Oil Production, Chemical Injection/Processing, Geothermal, Heat, Steam & Electric Trace, Boiler Tubing, Water Heaters, Condensers, Desalination Equipment, Heat Exchangers and Petrochemical, Solar, Oil Production and many more

Fluid Power

PJ Tube has served hydraulic and pneumatic component manufacturers and re-builders for decades. Our tubing is the perfect choice for fluid power applications that demand higher pressures and a greater need for precision of motion.

Fluid Power Applications

Drain Lines, Hydraulic Cylinders, Piston Rods, Hydraulic Fittings, Pumps, Sprayers, Tension Control, Filtration and Flow Control Devices.

Other Markets

PJ Tubes markets expand as new and existing customers trust the longtime manufacturer to produce tubing for their important applications. In addition to the markets listed above, PJ Tube is a trusted supplier of products and services for a variety of customers and industries.

Other Market Applications

Aerospace Parts and Components, Building Supplies, Construction Equipment, Defense Applications, Exercise Equipment, Furniture, Marine Parts and Components, Musical Instruments, Railroad Applications, and Recreational Vehicle Parts among many others.