Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating

Along with our partner Eurotubi, PJ Tube offers calorized-aluminized steel tubes for the production of Gas-Fired Radiant Heat assemblies. Eurotubi’s exclusive production process, from raw material to the finished tube, allows us to supply aluminized tubes that perform up to 1,382 degrees F.

About Radiant Heating

The IR tubes produced by Eurotubi are high-performance aluminized tubes. We offer two types of aluminized tubes for use in the production of radiant heat units which differ in the surface treatments and consequently their radiant efficiency:

• Burnished Steel Tube: Aluminized burnished tubes with emissivity of 0.92
• Calorized Steel Tube: Calorized aluminized tubes with emissivity of 0.80


  • Gas-Fired Radiant Heating
  • Outdoor Patio Heating
  • Infrared Tube Heaters
  • Chicken Farming Heaters
  • Livestock Heaters
  • Commercial Building Heaters
  • Gas-Fired Restaurant Heating
  • Gymnasium and Stadium Heating
  • Overhead Garage Door Heating