Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating

PJ Tube offers calorized-aluminized steel tubes for your gas-fired radiant heat assembly needs through our partnership with Eurotubi. Their exclusive production process, and our industry-leading capabilities and technology, mean we supply MORE aluminized tubes to meet MORE of our customers’ needs.

The IR tubes produced by Eurotubi are high-performance aluminized tubes. We offer two types of aluminized tubes for use in the production of radiant heat units which differ in the surface treatments and consequently their radiant efficiency:

  • Burnished Steel Tube: Aluminized burnished tubes with emissivity of 0.92
  • Calorized Steel Tube: Calorized aluminized tubes with emissivity of 0.80

The PJ Tube Difference

  • MORE high-performance aluminized tube types (including burnished and calorized steel tube)
  • MORE opportunities for success, thanks to our strategic partnership with Eurotubi
  • MORE top-class tubing manufactured and fabricated to support the radiant heating industry

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  • Outdoor Patio Heating
  • Infrared Tube Heaters
  • Chicken Farming Heaters
  • Livestock Heaters
  • Commercial Building Heaters
  • Gas-Fired Restaurant Heating
  • Gymnasium and Stadium Heating
  • Overhead Garage Door Heating
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