Overstock Inventory

Our overstock tubing inventories are your opportunity to save on carbon (DOM & ERW), stainless, copper, and aluminum tubing available in MORE grades, sizes, and lengths.


For quantity discounts and value added services please contact us at salesdept@pjtube.com or call us at 1-630-469-8150.

Please contact us for pricing at salesdept@pjtube.com or call us at 1-630-469-8150

J01011009950A513-210081.90" OD x .061" W 20 FT 4680FT
J01011009940J52510101.250" OD X .083" W 20FT1100FT
J01011010180J525MT10102.00"OD X .095"W 20 FT1920FT
J01031002461A500B2.00" X 1.00" RECT X .188" W24 FT120FT
J01011012060J243510211.250"OD X .120"W 24 FT5760FT
J01011014740J24351020 MOD.625" OD X .083" W 24 FT168FT
J07011006420A269304.500" OD X .049" W 20FT7600FT
J07011006430A269304.3125" OD X .035" W 20FT7460FT
J07011001970A269TP304.250" OD X .020" W X COIL50 FT 5PCS
J01031001432A513-110081.50" X 1.00" RECT X .083"W 20 FT40FT
J01011010401A513-510262.125" OD X .188" W 21 FT15645FT
J01011010411A513-510261.375" OD X .188" W 20 FT11367FT
J01011010441A513-1HSLA 501.250" OD X .156" W 24FT5928FT
J07012000300A5824161.25" OD Stainless bar 5 IN 4538PCS
J05011002951HYPO 9626304.0460/.0480" OD x .0375/.0395" ID8 FT64536FT
J05011002490HYPO304.023/.0235"OD X .0165/.0180"ID10 FT5FT
J01011010061A513-510201.188" OD X 1.022" ID24 FT816FT
J01011006771A 513-110201.375" OD X .090" W20 FT161PCS
J505r0000101HYPODERMIC304.217/.219"OD X .187/.189"ID10 FT51320FT
J07011000410A269304.378" OD X .318" ID12 FT1570PCS
J01011006791A 513-110201.125" OD X 0.120" W20 FT267PCS
J01011008451A 513-510201.375" OD X 0.095" W20 FT1113FT
J01011010391A 513-1HSLA 501.50" OD X 0.083" W24 FT1104FT
J01011014861A513-510201.00"OD X .834"ID23 FT 460FT
J01011014991A513-510201.0625" OD X .8725" ID24 FT 5904FT
J01031002001A513-1BHSLA 551.500" OD X 1.00" OD X .109" W24.4 FT 2531FT
J01011009221A513-510201.125" OD X .095" W20.8 IN 537 FT
J01031002061A513-110081.00" X 1.50" RECT X .120" W 22.6 FT2340FT
J03031000060B75C122.500" X .250" RECT X .048"W X 50' COIL50 FT7PCS
J07011006591A269304L1.00" OD X .049" W 20 FT80FT
J01011013811A513-510263.25" OD X .25" W X 20 FT397FT
J01011009161A513-51020.4375" OD x .036" W 20 FT1000FT
J01011017121A513-510205.00” OD X .120” W24 FT 48FT

For more information about our overstock inventory, please email us at salesdept@pjtube.com or call 1-630-469-8150.