Where failure is not an option in mission critical applications our partners depend on PJ Tube. For over 50 years we have supplied our precision products to many branches of defense and ordinance sectors including the US Army. From nuclear-powered submarines to safety and security products people around the world depend on PJ Tube.

Markets / Submarkets

  • Firearms
  • Modern Sporting Rifle
  • Munitions
  • First Responders Equipment
  • Naval Fleet
  • Combat Vehicles
  • Ordnance and Technical Systems


  • Charging Handles
  • Keybolt
  • Receiver Extension
  • Magazine Catch
  • Naval Sonars
  • Shock Absorbers for Bomb Tail Fins
  • Hydraulic Door Blaster
  • Battery Ram
  • First Responder Entry Tools
  • Axles Tubing
  • Trigger Guards
  • Forward Assist Pawl
  • Suppressors
  • Machine Gun Tripods
  • Bipods for Firearms
  • Munition Rotating Bands
  • Driving Band