Surface Finishing

Surface Finishing

PJ Tube’s surface finishing services provide customers with access to a wide variety of solutions to meet their unique specifications on time and on budget.

Surface Finishing Services

PJ Tube saves customers time and money by providing a reliable one-stop option for many of their surface finishing requirements. Available services include:

  • Grit blasting ‒ surface preparation for customer-specific applications
  • Tin coating ‒ corrosion resistance and sanitation
  • Anodizing ‒ higher corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Plating ‒ corrosion inhibition and improved wearablity
  • Rust removal ‒ surface preparation and tube cleanliness
  • Passivation – produces a protective corrosion resistant surface


Grinding and Polishing Services

Our tube grinding and polishing services yield a consistent tube body appearance.