Surface Finishing

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PJ Tube’s surface finishing services provide customers with access to a wide variety of solutions to meet their unique specifications on time and on budget.

Surface Finishing Services

Save time and money with PJ Tube’s surface finishing services. Our wide variety of solutions are made to meet your unique specifications and requirements on time and on budget.


  • Grit blasting ‒ surface preparation for customer-specific applications
  • Tin coating ‒ corrosion resistance and sanitation
  • Anodizing ‒ higher corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Plating ‒ corrosion inhibition and improved wearability
  • Rust removal ‒ surface preparation and tube cleanliness
  • Passivation – produces a protective corrosion resistant surface
  • Grinding and polishing – yields a consistent tube body appearance
  • And MORE

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