Precision Fabricating

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PJ Tube’s precision fabricating services provide customers with access to a wide variety of options to meet their unique specifications on time and on budget.

Precision Fabricating Services

PJ Tube offers a wide variety of precision finishing/fabricating services to meet your end-use tubing requirements, without depending on multiple or third-party vendors. Working with a single company that manufactures your product from start to finish provides you with built-in quality assurance and scheduling advantages that keep your projects on track.


  • Bending – finished made-to-spec tubing for customer-specific applications
  • Drilling and piercing – preparing tubing to be connected to other components
  • Finning – improves heat transfer efficiency
  • Flattening – used for connecting parts
  • Grinding – improves surface finish and removes metal to meet tolerance specifications
  • Honing – achieves precise ID diameter dimensions
  • Notching, coping, and saddle cutting – used when making parts that need to fit together
  • Swaging – reduces the diameter of tubes to fit into a mating part
  • Heat treating – changes the mechanical properties of the tube to meet application critical requirements
  • And MORE

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