TinGuard™ Copper Coils

PJ Tube is the exclusive supplier of corrosion resistant TinGuard™ available in a variety of lengths and sizes off-the-shelf for quick shipping.

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PJ Tube is the exclusive supplier of corrosion resistant TinGuard™ copper tubing. This unique tube is tin-lined, utilizing one-of-a-kind equipment and an innovative process for applying tin. Our TinGuard™ coils offer beneficial thermal transfer properties and corrosion resistance to damaging elements. TinGuard™ is particularly valuable in natural gas applications, or any corrosive environment where bare copper requires extra protection.

Customers looking for MORE flexible and reliable tubing solutions, delivered when they need them most, turn to PJ Tube, a dependable supplier since 1963.

TinGuard™ Standards & Specifications

Our tin-lined copper tubing, made from seamless CDA-122 DHP copper, is dead soft tempered for easy workability and can be manufactured with tin-coated ODs, IDs or both.


For quantity discounts and value added services please contact us at salesdept@pjtube.com or call us at 1-630-469-8150.

PJ Part #SizeWeightPriceBuy
J03577250030500.250″OD X 0.030″W X 50’L4 lbs$239.69
J03577375030500.375″OD X 0.032″W X 50’L6.7 lbs$415.20
J03577500030500.500″OD X 0.032″W X 50’L9.1 lbs$475.93
J03577625030500.625″OD X 0.035″W X 50’L12.6 lbs$580.53
J03977312030500.3125″OD X 0.032″W X 50’L5.5 lbs$357.56

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