TinGuard™ Copper Coils

TinGuard™ Copper Coils


PJ Tube is the exclusive supplier of corrosion resistant TinGuard™ available in variety of lengths and sizes off-the-shelf for quick shipping.

For quantity discounts please contact us at salesdept@pjtube.com or call us at 1-630-469-8150.

PJ Part #SizeWeightPriceBuy
J03577250030500.250″OD X 0.030″W X 50’L4 lbs$239.69
J03577375030500.375″OD X 0.032″W X 50’L6.7 lbs$394.20
J03577500030500.500″OD X 0.032″W X 50’L9.1 lbs$475.93
J03577625030500.625″OD X 0.035″W X 50’L12.6 lbs$573.87
J03977312030500.3125″OD X 0.032″W X 50’L5.5 lbs$349.56

TinGuard™ Copper Tube Products

PJ Tube is the exclusive supplier of corrosion resistant TinGuard™ copper tubing. This unique tube is tin-lined at PJ Tube utilizing one of a kind equipment and an innovative process for applying tin. Our coils offer beneficial thermal transfer properties and TinGuard™ offers corrosion resistance to damaging elements. TinGuard™ is particularly valuable in natural gas applications, or any corrosive environment where bare copper requires extra protection.

Our tin-lined copper tubing, made from seamless CDA-122 DHP copper, is dead soft tempered for easy workability and can be manufactured with tin-coated ODs, IDs or both. Standard 50-ft. lengths, individually packaged and boxed are available for quick shipping.

Customers looking for reliable tubing solutions, delivered when they need them most, turn to PJ Tube, a dependable supplier since 1963.