Copper and Brass Tube Products

PJ Tube’s brass and copper coils and straight length tubing are available in MORE shapes, grades, and sizes. Inventory/stocking programs are available for customers requiring just in time delivery.

PJTube offers MORE

PJ Tube supplies copper and brass tube products in MORE grades and sizes, meeting a full range of temper and tolerance requirements. Available in mill lengths, custom lengths, and level-wound coils – PJ Tube also offers square copper and utility coils individually packaged and boxed for quick shipping.

Are you looking for a MORE reliable copper or brass tubing solution? Turn to PJ Tube to deliver when you need them most.

Copper and Brass Standards & Specifications

PJ Tube provides C101, 102, 120, 122, 194 copper grades manufactured to ASTM B75, B280, B68, as well as other specifications. We also supply C443, 210, 220, 230, 260, 270, 272, 330, 332, 435 and other brass grades manufactured to meet a variety of specifications, including ASTM B135 (for pump barrels), B467, and B543/B543M. In addition to copper and brass, PJ Tube offers C706 (90/10), 715, 740, and 752 grades in its CuproNickel line of products.


For quantity discounts and value added services please contact us at or call us at 1-630-469-8150.

PJ Part #SizeWeightPriceBuy
J0387712503050.125″OD X .030″W X 50’L SOFT CU (1/8″)1.74 lbs$76.68
J0387718703050.1875″OD X .030″W X 50’L SOFT CU (3/16″)2.88 lbs$94.48
J0387725003050.250″OD X .030″W X 50’L SOFT CU (1/4″)4.02 lbs$104.35
J0387731203050.3125″OD X .032″W X 50’L SOFT CU (5/16″)5.45 lbs$117.13
J0387737503050.375″OD X .032″W X 50’L SOFT CU (3/8″)6.7 lbs$147.53
J0387750003050.500″OD X .032″W X 50’L SOFT CU (1/2″)9.1 lbs$235.70
J0387762503050.625″OD X .035″W X 50’L SOFT CU (5/8″)12.55 lbs$309.15
J0387775003050.750″OD X .035″W X 50’L SOFT CU (3/4″)15.25 lbs$278.63
J0387787503050.875″OD X .045″W X 50’L SOFT CU (7/8″)22.75 lbs$415.70

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