Precision Cutting + End Finishing

Precision Cutting + End Finishing

PJ Tube’s precision cutting and end finishing capabilities provide our customers with access to a wide variety of options to meet their unique specifications on time and on budget.

Precision Cutting Service

PJ Tube saves customer’s valuable floor space, processing time and material yield loss by providing a one-stop source for cutting and end finishing solutions. We deploy the most advanced cutting technology in multiple facilities, strategically located to service industrial, automotive, power sports, and other customers with demanding schedules.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide precision cut-to-length, brush deburring, mitre cutting, chamfering and facing as well as a variety of other services. PJ Tube’s capabilities include the reliable Rattunde tube and bar cutting technology (cut-and-brush plus cut-and-chamfer machines). Tight tolerances (+/- 0.003” or better), OD/ID grooving and OD/ID threading, and other specified end finishing. PJ Tube additionally deploys state-of-the-art laser-cut capabilities to provide intricate cut profiles demanded by our customer’s products. These are just a few of the many quick-turnaround services available from PJ Tube.

PJ Tube precision cuts ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, copper, nickel alloys, stainless steels, titanium as well as specialty alloys in rounds, squares, oval, rectangular and other unique shapes. In house equipment and capabilities to manufacture these materials to industry standards or to your unique specifications include:

  • High Speed Precision Cold Saws (Chamfer)

    • OD Range: .395” to 4” (round)
    • Length Capabilities: .395” to 78.74”
    • Cut Tolerance: +/-.005” (or better)
    • Type of Cut: High speed cold saw cut off
    • End Finish: Machined end surface, OD/ID chamfering.
    • Best Suited: Standard 15 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree OD/ID chamfering;
    • Parts are rinsed
    • Infinite angle or Radius capability.
    • Special end finishing (grooving/threading) capabilities up to 2.750” max from end.
  • High Speed Precision Cold Saws (Brush)

    • OD Range: .395” to 4” (shapes)
    • Length Capabilities: .395” to 78.74”
    • Cut Tolerance: +/-.005” (or better)
    • Type of Cut: High speed cold saw cut off with brush deburr. .
    • Parts are rinsed. Parts shorter than 4” can be cut for tumble deburr.
  • High Speed Non-Ferrous Saws

    • OD Range: 1/4” to 4”
    • Length Capabilities: 1/4” to 240”
    • Cut Tolerance: +/-.005” per stroke
    • Type of Cut: High speed cold saw
    • Best Suited Application/Raw Material: Non-ferrous rounds and shapes
  • Non Ferrous Precision Saws

    • OD Range: Cut window 8” high X 36” wide based on a 30” diameter blade
    • Length Capabilities: .450” to 240”
    • Cut Tolerance: +/-.005”
    • Type of Cut: Saw – As cut
    • Best Suited: Non-ferrous
  • Band Saws

    • OD Range: ½” to 16”
    • Any material shape: Squares, flats or rounds
    • Length Capabilities: 3” to 48’
    • Type of Cut: Saw – As cut; pencil deburr
    • Able to bundle cut up to 16” X 24” bundles
  • Cold Saws

    • OD Range: ½” to 6”
    • Any material shape: Squares, flats or rounds
    • Length Capabilities: 1” to 72”
    • Cut Tolerance: +/-.010”
    • Type of Cut: Cold saw with mitering capability
    • Best Suited: Bar stock/squares/rectangles
  • Rotary Shear Cut Off Equipment

    • OD Range: ½” to 2 3/4”
    • Length Capabilities: ¼” to 24”
    • Cut Tolerance: +/-.010”
    • Type of Cut: Die to Die shear cut
    • Best Suited: 1 to 2-1/4”OD X ½” to 4” cut lengths, best for high volume parts
  • Large Diameter Rotary Lathe Cut Off Equipment

    • OD Range: 1.25” to 6.75” (round)
    • Length Capabilities: 1/2” to 20’
    • Cut Tolerance: +/-.005” per every 30” length
    • Type of Cut: Rotary tube cutoff with ID and OD chamfering during the cutoff process. Special chamfering is possible with custom inserts.
    • Best Suited: Larger OD and heavy wall material that requires chamfering or edge break. Capable of OD grooving.
  • Small Diameter Automatic Cold Saws

    • OD Range: 0.118” to 2” (round/square)
    • Length Capabilities: .393” to 23.6”
    • Cut Tolerance: +/-.010” on lengths up to 15”; +/-.020” on lengths over 15”
    • Type of Cut: Saw – As cut; vibratory deburring available
    • Best Suited Application/Raw Material: Any alloy
  • Shear Cut Equipment

    • OD Range: ½” to 3” (round); ½” to 2-1/8” (shapes)
    • Length Capabilities: 3” to 72”
    • Cut Tolerance: +/-.015”
    • Type of Cut: Shear cut 0.120” Wall max. Cuts require deburring or end finishing to remove burrs.
    • Best Suited: 6” to 25” parts .035 to .120” wall for brush deburring. Raw material up to 24’ lengths.

Precision End Finishing

PJ Tube offers a wide variety of end finishing/fabrication services that allow you to meet your end-use tubing requirements without depending on multiple and third-party vendors. Working with a single company that can manufacture your product from start to finish provides you with built-in quality assurance and scheduling advantages that keep your projects on track. Available services include:

  • Chamfering, which ensures more accurate lead-ins for mating parts. Offered in variety of angles, depths and different degrees angles of the chamfer. In addition, chamfering assists in repeatable welding. Sample applications include: suspension bushings, shock bushings, elimination of deburring, and eyelet bushings for hydraulic cylinders.
  • Brush/Deburring/Tumbling is used for material handling applications, esthetics and for mating parts.
  • ID/OD Grooving and Threading are fabrication techniques used to connect mating parts. Sample applications include securing an O-ring for better sealing.