Aluminum Tubing and Coils

Aluminum Tubing and Coils


PJ Tube’s aluminum coils and straight length tubing are available off-the-shelf for quick shipping. Our aluminum extrusions and tube products are manufactured in the US.

For quantity discounts please contact us at or call us at 1-630-469-8150.

PJ Part #SizeWeightPriceBuy
J0647712502050.125″OD X .025″W X 50’L ALUM (1/8″).46 lbs$30.97
J0647718702050.1875″OD X .028″W X 50’L ALUM (3/16″).83 lbs$25.66
J0647725003050.250″OD X .032″W X 50’L ALUM (1/4″)1.3 lbs$31.60
J0647725004050.250″OD X .049″W X 50’L ALUM (1/4″)1.85 lbs$41.74
J0647731203050.3125″OD X .035″W X 50’L ALUM (5/16″)1.81 lbs$36.11
J0647737503050.375″OD X .035″W X 50’L ALUM (3/8″)2.22 lbs$45.71
J0647737504050.375″OD X .049″W X 50’L ALUM (3/8″)2.98 lbs$52.77
J0647743703050.4375″OD X .035″W X 50′ ALUM (7/16″)2.63 lbs$46.23
J0647750003050.500″OD X .035″W X 50’L ALUM (1/2″)3.03 lbs$58.89
J0647750004050.500″OD X .049″W X 50’L ALUM (1/2″)4.10 lbs$59.37
J0647750006050.500″OD X .065″W X 50’L ALUM (1/2″)5.22 lbs$97.63
J0647762404050.625″OD X .049″W X 50’L ALUM (5/8″)5.25 lbs$73.54
J0647762503050.625″OD X .035″W X 50’L ALUM (5/8″)3.84 lbs$76.66

Aluminum Tube Products Available for Rapid Delivery

PJ Tube supplies aluminum tubing in coils, straight lengths, cut pieces meeting customer requirements. Our stock material is available in level wound coils which can be precision-cut in house to our customer’s specific length requirements. PJ Tube stocks 50-ft.-long coils that are individually packaged and boxed and are available for quick shipment. In addition, we offer aluminum extruded shapes to meet your unique requirements.

We provide straight lengths and coils in 2024, 3000, 5000, 6000 and 7075 series grades in a variety of tempers. Our aluminum products are manufactured to meet the following specifications: B483, B210, B221, and B234. Other grades may be available upon request.

Customers looking for reliable aluminum tubing solutions, delivered when they need them most, turn to PJ Tube, a dependable supplier since 1963.